You dream it, we design it.

Readymade Rings

Focus on the moment with our readymade rings whether with a solitaire setting or with accents. Keep the opportunity to design something together as the next step.

Loose Diamonds

Surprise your loved one with a loose stone and together design a perfect ring with that stone.


Diamonds come in many different shapes. Each diamond shape possesses its own unique qualities, so exploring and learning about the various shapes is worth your while.

Cut is a diamond's most important characteristic. It has the greatest overall influence on a diamond's beauty. It determines what we generally think of as sparkle...

A diamond grading certificate is a report given by an independent and professional gemological laboratory. The diamond is evaluated for its quality, not its value...

The best advice we could give you on ‘How to buy a diamond’ is to see it in person. The famous “4 C’s” are merely a guideline on the diamonds primary attributes....


Spin actual diamonds in 360° HD and zoom in up to 40x. One of the world's biggest collections of loose diamonds, at your fingertips.