How to Choose A Diamond

How to choose a Diamond

The best advice we could give you on ‘How to buy a diamond?’ is to see it in person. The famous “4 C’s” are merely a guideline on the diamonds primary attributes. If two diamonds have the exact same weight, color, clarity, and cut grade, they will still have different appearances. Remember, every diamond has its unique look. In addition, there are many more attributes to a diamond than its “4 C’s” such as ‘Fluorescence’, ‘Table %’, ‘Depth %’, ‘Crown Angle’, Color Tone and more.

Many people are too focused on what the certificate states rather than what their eyes tell them. We feel the best way to maximize satisfaction would be choosing a diamond from a selection that truly strikes your eye with beauty, while respecting the budget.

A diamond is probably the most valuable item in the world today when we look at its cost vs. its size. It would only make sense to examine and feel what you invest in, and not buy a diamond by its documentation.